5 Tasks to Delegate for Better Results

delegate to elevate

You don’t have to do it all. In fact, you shouldn’t. When you delegate to others, you spend your time where it matters. You are more focused, have clearer thinking, get more done, and enjoy your work again. As a result, you can reach new levels of growth for your business.  Not sure where to start? Here are 5 tasks you can delegate to a virtual assistant to make life easier.

Flagging Action Items in Email = Freeing up your time

Busy leaders spend a lot of time sifting through an overflowing inbox, yet only 1 in 3 emails is actually actionable. A dedicated virtual assistant can clear out 67% of messages you don’t need to see. She deletes the junk and files anything that needs saving. She highlights messages you need to read and flags emails that are true action items. Furthermore, she takes action on anything she can handle for you and follows up to make sure everything gets done.

Maintaining Your Calendar = Getting your life back

Everything is easier when your schedule is manageable. With one glance at a well-maintained calendar you can easily plan for the day or the week. A virtual assistant displays the calendar information in a way you can easily digest. And he is always consistent with the details: color coding, appointment titles, calendar sharing, and all the important details (meeting locations, parking instructions, confirmation numbers, travel time, etc). Also, he makes sure you take time for lunch and exercise and never miss a family event.

Tracking Expenses and Income = Gaining peace of mind

Staying on top of the financials brings great peace of mind. Each week a virtual assistant reviews and labels every expense and every payment received. The chart of accounts always stays organized. At the end of the month, she runs a P&L report to show how much you are spending and where it’s going. Most importantly, you can see how that compares to the income coming in, so you always know the bottom line. Plus, tax time becomes significantly easier as well.

Creating Accounts for Frequent Purchases = Saving money

Creating online accounts saves time and money in the long-run. Rather than opt for guest login to save time, delegate account creation and purchasing to an assistant. Orders are placed faster with pre-filled information. Package delivery can be tracked. Recurring orders can be quickly placed again. And you earn loyalty discounts and rewards towards flights, hotels, meals, office supplies, and business attire. An assistant is even more efficient with a secure tool like LastPass to set password management on auto-pilot.

Monitoring Sales Prospects = Increasing clients

Never again miss an opportunity with a prospective customer. Let an assistant keep track of the sales opportunities by maintaining a well-organized listing of each prospect. Whether you need a sophisticated CRM or a planning tool like Asana, a virtual assistant stays on top of the due dates for follow-ups. And handles the time-consuming data entry. As a result, you spend your time creating proposals, giving presentations, making important calls, and closing sales.

Virtual Assistants Make Your Life Easier

You can delegate many tasks to a skilled and dependable assistant. List all the activities you feel annoyed by, aren’t good at, don’t have time for, or that just give you a headache. Chances are most of them are tasks a virtual assistant can do impeccably and will love doing. Delegate these tasks and gain relief, better results, and grow your business.