Video Conference Tips

Video Conference

Is it time to fnd a video conference solution? Many are suddenly finding the conference room empty. As staff are now working from home for the first time, effective communication strategies may not be at your fingertips. Take heart! They are quickly available, affordable, and surprisingly easy to use.

Video Conference Tools

Video Conferencing has been around long enough for us to choose from several great services and features. Check out this post for options: Top 8 Free Web Conferencing Apps with Screen Sharing.

Our favorite is Zoom, but any of the ones in this list work great.

Feeling Intimidated?

Do what you do best — Delegate.

Assign someone on your team to be the online meeting coordinator. Ask this person to answer the tech questions, control the mute button, share the documents, and moderate the chat.

Your role will still be to lead the discussion with the same confidence and style your team is familiar with.


Extra Tips

 Look like a pro:

  • Explain the ground rules. This may be new to everyone. Take a minute to share the role of the meeting coordinator and be sure everyone is familiar with one or two app features; perhaps a ‘hand wave’ button to indicate they have something to share, or the use of the ‘chat’ feature to ask a question.
  • Speak slowly and softly. This gives the team the time to process the new meeting room and become accustomed to listening in this new communication environment.
  • Stay engaged when you’re not taking the virtual stage. You are likely a multi-tasking kind of leader. It’s important in your online team meetings that you appear available to each member as they speak. Avoid having your head and eyes focused elsewhere.
  • Share an agenda ahead of time so everyone stays on task. We’ve all bemoaned unproductive meetings, so use the time well.
  • Bonus tip: do a quick practice run before you go live with everyone.

Embrace the Challenge

Show up to your video conference with deliberate and welcoming leadership. Your team will follow your lead. Once everyone has the hang of it, your team will continue to be the rock stars you know them to be!