How does a Remote Assistant get things done?


In today’s high-tech, connected world there’s a virtual solution for accomplishing everything. Using the internet, online apps, laptops, and cell phones, your remote Assistant can easily handle all the tasks to keep your business and your life organized and running smoothly. And it can all happen without the need for you to provide an office.

You don't have to figure it out "the how". Your Assistant already has the solutions, ideas, and expertise to make a virtual environment successful for you and your business.



Still not sure how the tasks actually get accomplished?


Here are a few examples if you’re still wondering, “but how does a remote Assistant really …

handle the finances?

Your assistant sets up automatic payments and sends electronic invoices; you take photos of paper receipts. Say good bye to the ugly brown file cabinets.

… attend meetings?

Assistants choose from a number of online meeting and videoconferencing tools. Today’s video conferencing options are highly advanced with screen sharing, whiteboards, and file transfer! All you need is an internet connection, web-cam and microphone. It’s just like having your virtual assistant in the same room.

… manage my schedule?

You grant your Assistant a level of access to your schedule that you are comfortable with, and she takes over. Your assistant finds out which meetings are most important, keeps track of your son’s soccer schedule, never lets you miss your husband’s birthday, and reminds you to pack your HDMI cord for your presentation in San Franscisco.

… take inventory?

Snap a picture of your supply cabinet and text it to your Assistant. He knows what should be there.  When the paper and pens get low, he places an order.

… wrap my holiday gifts?

With all the online stores out there today, smart assistants order pre-wrapped gifts. She creates custom holiday cards and mails them. Assistants know that courier services and bike messengers are a call away when a gift needs hand delivered.

… bring me my coffee?

Umm, assistants don’t bring you your coffee anymore …  but we love coffee as much as you do and will make sure you never go without. He orders your favorite blend online at the best prices -- along with sweetener, creamer and soy options for your vegan clients.

… know what I’m thinking?

Your assistant knows you so well she can almost read your mind! But communication is still needed. No time for a meeting or call but have a jumble of ideas in your head? Just record your thoughts on your iPhone and press send. She captures the key action items.

Work smarter, not harder. Let a remote Assistant take over the tasks you don't have time for, aren't good at, and dread doing.